Lai Bhaari Marathi Movie Dialogues 2014 – Text & Video

Lai Bhaari Marathi Movie Dialogues

This movie had a nice story lined which is well narrated by its director to its audience. The story marks its beginning from a village where a married couple Pratap Singh Nimbalkar played by Uday Tikekar and his lovely wife Sumithra Devi played by Tanvi Azmi lived happily and are liked by the villagers because of their good deeds. They ... Read More »

Happy Labor Day 2014 images, Quotes, Pictures, Clip Art, Pics, Activities, Photos, Sales, Wallpaper, Greetings – History, Meaning & When is Labor Day?

Labor Day Pictures, Quotes images, Pics

Labor Day on respect of the historical movement. Labor Day is dedicated to hard works of the labor movement and iscreated to maintaineconomic and social achievements given by the American workers. Labor Day is celebrated in September on first Monday of the month every year. This day is dedicated to give national tribute every year toward the deeds and contributions ... Read More »

Labor Day Clip Art Free 2014 – Labor Day Clipart images, Cliparts Pictures

Labor Day Clip Arts

When Labor day was firstly introduced it was celebrated with parades. However the form of celebrationevolved over the period of time. Today Labor Day celebrated with street parade which marks the strength and unity among workers. Then the workers families celebrate the festival also speeches from prominent personalities are organised. Labor Sunday The Sunday that preceded the Labor Day is ... Read More »

Labor Day Quotes 2014 – inspirational, Happy, Funny, Famous, Sayings

Labor Day Quotes 2014

Basically Labor Day is celebrated because of the American Labor Day. Often Labor Day is confused with labour day or workers day which is celebrated on 1st of may every year. Labor Day is also called as international workers day. Labor Day is celebrated to appreciate social and economic achievements of workers and their contribution in building the nation. “Knights ... Read More »

National ice Cream Day 2014

National ice Cream Day

Ice creams are the mouthwatering delicious dessert loved by every person. It’s a frozen food that is made from some common dairy products. It made from milk, sugar and cream that can also be combined with fruits and nuts .In order to create some flavor ice creams different artificial flavors are added to it. The preparation of it is so ... Read More »

Moto E Price in India, Specifications, Reviews, Features

Moto E

Motorola a well know phone brand that has come up with a latest version of budgeted smart phone. Motorola has launched an affordable winner in the smart phone worlds called as Moto E. It is expected to shake the market of smart phones and provide high competition in budget to smart phone business across the globe. It’s expected that it’s going to dominate ... Read More »

Teacher Appreciation Week, Teacher Appreciation Day Gift ideas 2014 Quotes

Teacher Appreciation Week, Teacher Appreciation Day Gift ideas 2014 Quotes

The teachers day is celebrated for represent gratitude for teachers by student.  The teacher’s day is celebrated across all over world. In different countries it is celebrated on different date.  Teachers day and World’s Teacher day both are different from each other. World teacher’s day celebrates on 5th October. Teacher Appreciation Week, Teacher Appreciation Day Gift ideas 2014 Quotes On ... Read More »