Nayak 2 Based on Arvind Kejriwal (The Common Man Rises)

Nayak 2 Based on Arvind Kejriwal (The Common Man Rises):

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  1. Maya – Mamta – Mulayam

    Apart from the fact that their names start with the same alphabet , what else is common between them ?

    They , all belong to Arvind Kejriwal’s list of Be-Iman ( the Dishonest )

    But the list is long

    Also includes , Gandhi and Gadkari !

    The list cuts across party-lines , to include Be-Iman leaders from ,

    > Congress
    > BJP
    > National Conference
    > Nationalist Congress Party
    > Trinmool Congress
    > DMK
    > BSP
    > SP…………….etc

    Members of AAP are invited to submit the names of their favorite Be-Imans !

    Arvind wants the voters to defeat these Be-Imans in the forthcoming National Elections and vote for AAP candidates in their places

    Gadkari has asked Arvind to apologize within 3 days or face a defamation suit

    My take :

    > Arvind will not apologize
    > Gadkari will not file a suit
    > None of the others in the list will file defamation / libel suits

    Reason ?

    > If they do , AAP legal team will get to cross-examine these leaders

    > Many a skeletons will come tumbling out of dark closets ! What horror !

    > With court-cases going on , these ” tainted ” leaders will get pre-occupied
    with the litigation for years , leaving little time for campaigning

    > They will find it very difficult to face voters in rallies

    > TV Anchors will invite them every evening for questioning- Media Trial !

    > Morning newspapers will carry ” Screaming ” headlines on court
    observations – ” Objection Over-ruled ” !

    > Election officers may even reject their nomination papers !

    > Unwittingly , they will confirm AAP as , ” CHAMPION OF THE

    Although , there is some undisputable proof against the CRIMINAL leaders , in the form of FIRs / court-cases / convictions / appeals etc , Arvind has very little SOLID PROOF re the corruption of the others named in his list

    Then how can he get away with such base-less allegations ? Especially those in the list , who are ” Clean / Honest ” ?

    It is a question of :

    ” Whenever there is a fire , along with the dry grass , some green grass too burns ”

    The entire political system has got so corrupt and criminalized that no leader is perceived to be clean / honest !

    People are so ANGRY that they want to dump the present lot of leaders and find some honest leaders – no matter , how inexperienced !

    In fact , in the forthcoming elections , a ” PAST EXPERIENCE ” ( as an MP ) , will be a BIG LIABILITY !

    By itself , that will be a proof that you have been part of a corrupt system !

    That is Arvind’s TRUMP CARD !

    * hemen parekh ( 01 Feb 2014 / Mumbai )

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